Monday, May 30, 2011

Still Here

I'm back. I wasn't really gone, just for no good reason I haven't felt like blogging. However, with the new addition of more outlets for my creativity, and seeing a few friends beginning blogs of their own or rekindling the dormant ones, I'm feeling inspired.

Working on my garden, and lots of new projects. It's what you do when you can neither be lucky enough to have many friends who live close or have the time to hang out socially, and when you have kids/limited transport to visit people.

I've learned to be cautious in whom I trust. I had the world pulled out from under me recently (and still am) by someone I have known since I was a toddler. She became my tenant, and all I will say on it is- we both expected the other one to do things that did not happen. I expected the person to pay rent regualrly and in full, and they expected when they refused/were unable that we wouldn't have to evict. Sigh. Don't rent to friends, it ends the friendship more often than not, and people get hurt. I cannot believe that over 25 years of friendship is over. The worst of it is, it's not over yet. Sigh. I love the family, but truth is, we can't afford this and it's not the first problem either.
This is just hurtful and you feel guilty even though you did what you had to do to protect your own life and family.

Hmmn, on to pretty things. My garden is going well. Got some plants from a community plant sale a few weeks ago and those are in, along with what I managed to start from seeds. Maybe soon I'll have some zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and cauliflower? I also have some pepper plants to get in. Here is hoping something comes of it. :)

My boys are great, growing so very much and by the day! I can't beleive Justin will be five this year and Brendan will turn three. Part of me longs for another baby someday, while another part is just so content with what we have. Our boys are pretty well behaved and have good manners, too. Justin is going to an ENT on Wednesday to discuss our options. Most likely he will need tubes to improve his hearing. Brendan's pulminary/reflux issues seem to have fixed themselves, which is comforting. We have bills a plenty already.

I'm going in the morning to my OB for a routine check but also to discuss the pelvic/bowel pain I've been having lately. My reg. doc thinks Endometriosis, but the test haven't shown it. The only 100% sure way to know I think will be surgery, either a biopsy or exploratory. Not really thinking I will opt for that, unless I have to. Nervous, but this doctor is amazing, and I'm hoping some answer or idea comes from it.

My crafting is going well. Been using a lot of what I had stashed away at the moment, to try and save money and use up yarn so I don't pack-rat it. :) I just made myself a shawl and am working on a very special baby gift for twin girls.

Will and I are still doing fine and going strong. I'm lucky to have him, and he's lucky to have me. We rarely fight, and lately when we do it's been about our tenant issues, not anything at home. We're out of options and need to sell that house as a short sale now. It will be better for us to not have that additional debt to give us a reason to bicker. All in all, things are going alright at the moment, and I'm hopeful they continue to improve.

I'll be trying to blog a bit more often, not because anyone reads this, but because it reminds me that I have a place to just write what I feel and read it later.

See ya soon I hope.

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