Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seeing the world with new eyes.

All around us, spring is twisting itself from the cold confines of the ground or the tombs of tree buds. I have a broccoli plant, a spinach plant, and a handful of tiny turnips that were planted too late in the season to harvest last fall, but they haven't died! The boys and I started seeds a bit over a week ago, and we have sprouts in our peat pots already. Surely part of that is due to being inside a warm house at night, but still. It is a comfort, though we're getting a snow storm this evening that may dump a few inches on us. Though given the temps will be in the 40-50 degree range in the next week, it won't stick around nor serve any purpose save for watering all the things that need it.

Spring is time to turn over new leaves in your own life too. For the past year or two, I've been noticing little issues with my vision. I'd have day where I'd wake up blurry/seeing slight doubles of things, and stay like that all day. I thought it was allergies at first, until I realized there was no correlation with the seasons whatsoever.

In the past six months or so, it's happened a few more times, and I've also been noticing my left eye felt especially tired/like there was something weighing on it. So, once Justin's registration said he required a vision screening signed by a physician, I figured we'd save ourselves the trouble and both go to the eye doctor to save time.

He hopped right up into the chairs to take the different tests the nurse, then the doctor did. He actually had quite a bit of trouble with some of the color blind tests, but it was his first time and some of the numbers were tricky, like 78. They weren't really concerned yet, and he'll be retested next year. otherwise his eyes were perfect.

Then it was my turn. They took pictures of my eyes, did the puff of air thing, and Justin sat and watched, and got to see the pictures which he loved!
Then the doctor came in to do his part of the tests, and I explained my issues. We did the test. I can make out most if not all of the letters, and the line tests, etc. He does one line of letters and I try really hard, and think I got them. Then, he switched the lenses over my eyes.


I could see so much better! I saw in the line we'd just done that I had said something was a C but it was in fact an O. Not a big deal right?

He said that although my vision is basically 20/20, my left eye has an astigmatism which is making things blurry/ghost letters etc. The odd feeling of something in or weighing on my eye is likely eye strain for it trying to keep up with my healthier right eye.

What bugs me the most is, the way I've been seeing things and reading them for years has been almost like a page in a dusty book. That quick change of the lens in front of my eyes was like someone blowing most of that dust off. I've been living like this for perhaps longer than the two years I've really had the stronger symptoms, because I can't remember it being as clear as it was right then. SO, then the inevitable happened. All of a sudden, we were going to the front to pick out frames......for my new glasses.

I'm only suppossed to be using them for reading, driving, etc. I am noticing that it makes a difference with more things than that though. Details I took for granted and at face value are just a bit sharper.

They were ordered Monday at the office, and the next day they were ready. Nothing special. The left lense is the important one. I think the right is barely anything at all rx wise. However- Monacles have regrettably gone out of style, so both my eyes get covered. :P

As I settle into being in my thirties, changes are happening. Slow but sure. Overall I think I'm pretty happy with them, though I haven't had them an entire day quite yet. They are Bebe's and quite modern in their design. Kind of weird that one of the most fashionable things I own is prescription eyewear!

Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm not saying there will never be rain.
Just remember to dance in it when it happens.

Tomorrow is Will's birthday. As an unexpected gift, it seems someone actually wants to view the old house in Woony. It's been on the market since June if not before, so this is pretty big. I really hope they make an offer, and that the bank approves it.

It is suppossed to snow tomorrow, which kind of sucks. Not complaining as we haven't had much snow at all this year, I just wish it could have waited a day or two.
I'm not sure if we will go out and celebrate it, if the weather is too cruddy getting my brother to babysit is going to be out. On the other hand if it's not that bad, we can. Baking a cake for him tonight, and we'll wrap his gifts since he won't be home.

It would help if he told me what he wanted to do. He's not the going out type, so dinner or a movie is about all we'll end up doing. I tried to do a birthday dinner party last year, but so many people opted out at the last minute it's kind of not something I'll do again for a while. So small works.

Today we went for a walk and just enjoyed the day. Wish it was a bit warmer, but heck this is amazing for February, I'll take it! I need to shed about 5-10 pounds before spring, and walking is really my best bet.

Next week I get to start the ball rolling on the kindergarten stuff for Justin. I'll be calling the school, an eye doctor, and likely school administration. For someone who doesn't like to call people on the phone much, it's going to be a nutty week.

I could really use a night out, so we'll have to see if there's a way to work that out. Life is frustrating, but at least right now it's doing well to distract me from moping too much.