Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It came in!!!!!!

Just wanted to update, finally got my yarn swift today! After trying my hand at winding a skein of Knit Picks Gloss lace weight, and coming out nearly four hours later with both yarn ball and my sanity barely intact, I decided I needed one!

I have a bunch of skeins and hanks of yarn that I cannot wait to make into balls so they are easier to work with. It was a gift from my husband for Christmas, well the gift card was anyhow!

I am so excited that in a couple of weeks we will be going away on a cruise. We never really had an official honeymoon. Now is sort of the time, though our friends are getting married on the boat, which is why we are going. I won't forget that, but it should be fun. Very nervous to be leaving the boys for that time though, which is throwing a big shadow over my excitement. Sigh. I wish I wasn't such a worry wart, but it really can't be helped.

Anyhow, off to figure out how to set it up!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 2010

Alright, one of my resolutions will be to post here monthly or at least bi monthly!

Been working on a lot of projects and things. Finished a queen size blanket for my husband, a Link toy for a friend, and need to work on some other things! I am still only in the beginning stages of knitting, but that's another resolution. :)

I gained almost 4 lbs over the holidays, but as of today I am down three of them, so right back on track. My goal is another 10-15 by summer, I already feel better, look better, and can keep up with the kids better!

There's an adorable stray cat that wants to come into my house and be mine, but he's got a flea collar on, so he belongs to someone. Hopefully it's someone who wants him and will respond to my found cat ads. Because I'm not really able to keep him, especially because he appears intact, and I have an intact female. Last thing I need is kittens!