Monday, March 8, 2010

Come on Spring!

Ok, it's getting warmer out, light jackets instead of winter coats, and sadly soon I will have to put away my pretty clapochet scarf, and the one a friend knitted me.

But..........sunlight.......warmth, irises and other bulbous plants rising out from the ground, pushing life and green things to the surface!

The boys and I have already been to the playground down the street, it says town residents only, but we are literally a stones throw from the town line. So.......we hop the fence darn it!

Anyhow, not a lot going on, finished my first garments that aren't hats or slippers. Two, nearly three baby sweaters are now complete and I find them really fun. I'm gearing up to tackle my first sweater in my size, so wish me luck.
Once I do that, I want to work on knitting. I'm desperate to learn but for some reason it just seems to daunting. Maybe only using one stick/hook has spoiled me, but I plan to break the stigma and go on. I had a recent encouragement from a male knitter who is having a shawl giveaway, saying I should give the pattern a try, that he was new to knitting and it wasn't too tricky. I am going to give it a try after the sweater!

I can do it. I have a vision of a happy robin egg blue or darker shawl.

I also am taking my little sister to get her first tattoo next weekend. I'm getting one too, my second ever. I am planning on something special, a drawing I found online and modified it.

Another thing I want to work on isn't craft related. I need my liscence. I'm way past the age you can get one, so I need to buck up and go for it too. My firstborn was recently taken by ambulance to the ER from our doctor and it's situations like that which are inspiring to do it. (He's fine, thankfully was just having troubloe breating and has pretty much been disagnosed with asthma, just like mommy......woohoo).

So, on to spring, season of life, cleaning, and getting things all around in order.

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