Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clearing up again...

It rained Monday night and kept right on going through Tuesday. Woke up to the sun today but it's clouding up again on and off. Justin asked me "Mommy is it raining?" I said "Nope."
"Is it sunny?"
"Yeah kind of."
"Can we go to the playground then?"

Lol, of course he remembered what I said about how we couldn't go until the sun came out! Today isn;t rainy but it's chilly and windy, and with all the rain yesterday, much of the playground will be wet and muddy. Hard to explain that to a 3 1/2 year old though...

In other news, got new ink Saturday with my sister. It came out great, but healing it has been a mild inconvenience. The bonding experience was worth it though. It is a celtic Tree of Life, with curly knotwork and green leaves. I had to make the leaves green, I wanted the life idea to shine through. In honor of my family, and in honor of spring!

In crafting news, I have yarn for a sweater but can't seem to get started. I am getting hung up on picking a design. Recently finished are a pair of amigurumi dragon babies, a headscarf, and a baby blanket, though I need to weave in the ends on that. Still counting it though! I also need to get a blanket done as a surprise for my brother, but it's daunting. Tedious.

Trying to organize another craft night for my friends soon, and am so looking forward to the Rhode Island Fiber Festival. Missed it last year, and this is it's fourth year so it's going to be new and exciting.

Hmmn......what else? I want to work on getting the office/craft space tidied up and organized, but currently there is a sink and vanity in there thwarting my intentions. Hopefully someday soon Will gets done what he needs to so he and Bill can finish the bathroom up and give me that space back! That's all for now.

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