Tuesday, August 2, 2011

40 By 40 List. (Sort of Like a Bucket List)

A friend of mine inspired myself and others by making a 30 before 30 list. I turned 30 this month, so I decided to give myself a list for the next decade. Posted this on Facebook, but I wanted it up here too. The more places I see it, the more I am motivated? Anyhow, it might be modified soon, but here it is ( anything with an asterisk is something I'm close to completing.

40 Before 40 -My List


1. Earn My Liscence and get my own car

2. Learn to Knit * :)

3. See Mount Rushmore

4. See Niagra Falls

5. Travel to Australia

6. Travel to Greece

7. Take a Photography class & own a professional camera

8. Weigh 155 lbs at some point (same weight as Senior Year HS- currently 10-15 lbs off)

9. Work in a Food Pantry/Kitchen

10. Be able to do 5-10 Pull ups/build arm strength

11. Have a Successful veggie garden (might do this year)*

12. Get something published

13. Sing in front of a large group

14. Make use of my crockpot once a week

15. Read the entire C.S. Lewis Narnia series, and the Amber series

16. Go horseback riding again

17. Adopt or foster a child in need

18. Raise Chickens-for eggs and manure- not meat

19. Plan and get my dragon tatoos

20. Adopt a rescue dog or cat (or two, or both)

21. Be able to afford replacing all the carpet in my parent's house with hardwood floor.

22. Card & Spin fleece into yarn

23. Go on a Road Trip with Theresa, Lauren D., and whoever else wants to go. (open invite)

24. Decorate a cake on commission

25. Invest in a vacation home on the beach somewhere

26. Meet someone famous or influencial

27. Go salt water fishing

28. Own a skein or two of Wollmeise yarn

29. Own a 1981 Chevy Camaro

30. Raise my boys to be respectful, kind, independant, intelligent men

31. Learn to become a Doula or a midwife and assist in births

32. Do a community service project every year

33. Go rural camping again

34. Speak French, Spanish and perhaps another language fluently

35. Visit Montana

36. Ghost Hunt

37. Chase a tornado

38. Watch the sunrise at least once a week*

39. Work on a farm

40. Make a quilt by hand

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